Distribution Center Coordinator

Elk Grove, CA


Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Customer Service: a. Provide excellent customer service by treating all external and internal customers fairly and honestly. b. Deliver the following customer service standards with a welcoming manner: • Answer all phone calls within 3 rings. • Customers never on hold for more than 20 seconds. • Greet all customers, visitors, vendors, and drivers as they walk into the distribution center. • Present a neat and professional appearance. 2. Coordinator Functions: a. Complete quality, error free work. b. Responsible for Supply and Equipment Receiving Schedules: • Schedule the delivery of all goods in-bound to the distribution center. • Adhere to scheduling workload rules established by shift and vendor. • Check-in carriers arriving for scheduled appointments. • Communicate carrier arrival to the distribution center warehouse team. • Direct drivers to dock doors. c. Communicate the distribution center needs to carriers: • Stock truck empty equipment needs. • Overflow stock truck/LTL requests. • Pickup of empty inbound vendor trailers/containers. • Request TOTE bookings for Anchorage stock truck. d. Support the distribution center warehouse team: • Create stock truck nightly BOLs and Stock Truck Load Sheets. • Provide P21 technical support for the distribution center warehouse team. • Ship confirms LTL shipments. • Audit and scan receiving paperwork, push PathGuide receipts to P21, and address discrepancies with purchasing. e. Support the distribution center Supervisors by: • Generating/maintaining reports including the call-in log, team roster, overflow report, branch stock truck load capacity report, branch freight report, branch transfer line count report, etc. • Schedule potential candidate interviews as needed. • Any other tasks assigned by Manager/Supervisor. f. Support Slakey Brothers branches: • Communicate daily branch overflow. • Investigate missing pallets. • Facilitate stock check requests. • Cancel Transfer orders. • Forward product labels printed at the distribution center. g. Support the distribution center operational needs: • Order office supplies, gloves, packing supplies, coffee/water and arrange office equipment repairs. • Use GL codes and approve supply invoices. • Manage the distribution center petty cash. h. Support Commercial and Columbia operational needs: • Request new PO’s for inbound re-directs. • Confirm inbound delivery appointments. • Cancel Transfer orders. • Facilitate stock check requests. • Process Manufacturing Ship Notices. i. Investigate and respond to Accounting inquiries regarding receiving discrepancies. j. Inform supervisor of vendor, carrier, and scheduling problems. k. Assist with credit, accounting, and marketing and/or sales promotion activities as needed. l. Keep office area clean and orderly. 3. Additional Duties Specific to Night Coordinator: a. Check in drivers arriving for evening appointments. • Direct drivers to unloading doors. • Ensure Equipment Lead has all packing lists for current night’s work. b. Request pickup of empty inbound vendor trailers/containers as unloaded each evening. c. Release loaded stock truck trailers to carrier drivers. d. Direct placement of inbound empty carrier equipment for the next day’s loads. e. Confirm all Customer transfers are pulled before BOLs are closed; update warehouse team as to open stock lines. f. Proactively solicit carrier FTL capacity/plans LTL/Pup Overflow shipments and communicate plan to warehouse teams and branch. g. Proactively communicate known stock truck delivery delays to the distribution center Supervisors and affected branches. h. Audit, GL code, and distribute weekly freight reports; approve weekly invoice for payment. Education/Experience/Skills: • High school diploma or GED required • Excellent written and oral communication skills • Proficient with Microsoft Office products: Outlook, Excel, Word • Demonstrated ability to manage details and meet deadlines with 100% accuracy in a multi-task environment • Customer service-oriented approach; respond to requests with a sense of urgency • Proactive, self-motivated, able to recognize issues, and resolve or escalate appropriately • Excellent interpersonal skills, both in person and over the phone • Able to use electronic calculator, computer terminal, personal computer, etc. • Must be comfortable working in a team oriented, fast paced, multiple task and customer focused environment • Willing to “think outside of the box” and identify process improvement opportunities • Ability to move freely about the facility, work sitting or standing, operate basic business machines, and lift and carry office supplies required Reports to: DC Manager Compensation: This is a non-exempt position, eligible for overtime compensation. Total compensation will be commensurate with job performance. Eligible for Team Member benefits described in Team Member Handbook.


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